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Top Reasons You Should Build a Pool Today:

  • Encourages family time
  • Creates a relaxing outdoor environment
  • A fun place to host a party with friends
  • Stay cool during the summer
  • Increases your home's value
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Building a Pool Process


  • Once all paperwork has been signed and approved by you and Thompson Pools, a permit package is generated and submitted to the appropriate agency. Permitting time varies by municipalities and may take several weeks to get back.
  • Once the permit is back, The Owner of the Company will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your project and make sure we are ready to go. Keep in mind that sprinklers need to be cut and capped, and access to dig site is free and clear.
  • When the owner has given the go ahead, we will schedule the work to be completed. Below is a general outline that we will use to complete your project.


  • Sod Strip - A bobcat will be dispatched to your home to remove sod from the construction area to prepare for the layout.
  • Layout - Next a crew will form the outline of your pool. It will be larger than the finished product to account for the Gunite that will be applied.
  • Dig - Then a backhoe will arrive to dig the pool. Some of the dirt may be hauled off at that time.
  • Steel - Workers arrive to place steel rebar, forming the skeleton of your pool. It should start looking like your design.
  • Inspection - Your local municipality is called to perform an inspection. Once this has passed you will be placed on the shoot schedule.
  • Shoot - The Gunite rig or rigs will then come to “shoot” your pool. Several workers hand carve the finished product. Then it is allowed to cure for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Pregrade - The Bobcat returns once again to strip the forms and remove any excess dirt.
  • Shell Draw - At this time your shell draw payment is due


  • Plumbing - A crew of skilled workers will dig trenches and lay the pipes that are the heart and soul of your pool. They make sure everything holds pressure and does not leak.
  • Inspection - Your local municipality is called to perform an inspection. Once this has passed, the plumbers will return to backfill the ditches, getting it ready for tile.


  • Tile - This installer is next. Depending on the complexity of your project, it can take one day to several weeks to complete this phase. Tile is a very important step.


  • Deck Form - Depending on the type of deck you have chosen you may or may not need this step. For concrete decks and paver sub footer, a deck crew will use lumber and steel rebar to form the deck area up. Once complete a termite spray is usually needed. If you will provide us with your termite company's name and contact information, we will gladly set it up for you.
  • Inspection - Your local municipality is called to perform an inspection. Once this has passed you will be placed on the pour schedule.
  • Deck Pour - The deck crew returns to pour and finish your concrete work to our specifications. If this is to be an acrylic deck, the texture and paint crew are in next to give you a first coat. They return later in the project to provide a second coat.
  • Paver Install - Now that the footers have been poured, if they are required, the pavers will be scheduled to be installed.


  • Electrical - An electrician will arrive to wire up your pool equipment. Now this can happen anytime between tile and interior finish.


  • Screen/Fence - Your screen and or fence will be measured and fabricated, then brought onsite to be installed.


  • Safety - Depending on your selection, alarms and or a child safety fence will be installed
  • Inspection - Your local municipality is called to perform an inspection. Typically you will need to be home for this inspection.


  • Clean Out/Prep - The plaster crew will arrive to clean out and prep your pool for interior application.
  • Interior Application - Depending on your selection, the process for your interior finish may vary. For instance, a quartz finish requires one day to install and acid wash, where as a pebble finish requires two and some- times three days to complete.
  • Pool Fill/Start Up - Once the acid wash is complete, the crew will place a hose in your pool from your house to fill the pool. This can take several days to fill depending on the volume of water required. Once full, we will return to place the initial chemicals in the pool and start the equipment.


  • Pool Teach - We will contact you to schedule your “Pool School”, showing you how to properly maintain and use your pool.
  • Final Grade - The bobcat crew returns for the last time to do the final clean up and grading of the yard.
  • Landscaping - Now it is time for you to arrange to get your irrigation and landscaping completed.
  • Final Inspections - Final inspections are typically called after your landscaping is complete.

Slandered Features on All Thompson pool Packages

  • Engineering, Prints & all permits for Construction
  • On Site Supervision by Licensed Residential & Commercial Pool Contractor
  • All Excavation and Grading Removal of Excess Dirt & Complete Job Site clean-up
  • 3' to 5' Standard Pool Depth Dewatering of Pool during Excavation Gunite Pool Shell 8” Bond Beam on Pool Shell
  • Steps and Swim out Bench w/ Accent Tile on Leading Edge
  • Safety Fence around Pool Area during Construction
  • All soil to be compacted before installation of deck
  • All Plumbing 2” & 3” Sch 40 pipe
  • Separate Plumbing lines to equipment for Skimmer & Main Drain
  • All lines to be pressure tested Dedicated Cleaner Line w/ Kid Lock
  • Hayward Pump, Cartridge Filter & Chlorinator Hayward Plumbing Fixtures
  • Double Main Drain System for Safety Choice of Custom Waterline Tile Pool Wiring by Master Electrician Automatic 24 Hr Timer
  • Pool Light w/ Colored Lens Kit Quartz Interior Finish
  • Damaged Sidewalks to be Repaired Initial Start-up Chemicals
  • All Pool Cleaning Equipment Included: Pole, Brush, Net, Vac-head & Test Kit
  • Instructions (verbal & written) on Pool Equipment and Care
  • 1 Year P&L Warranty on Craftsmanship
  • Lifetime Warranty on Underground Plumbing Against Leaks
  • Lifetime Warranty on Gunite Shell Against Cracks That Leak
  • 3 Year P&L Warranty on all Hayward Products