Please take a minute you review our simple 10 step process listed below.


  1. Fill out the request form: Contact us with a request

  2. After we contact you and schedule an appointment. We will meet you at your home to take measurements, elevations and discuss your vision. (We will need a copy of your Home Survey At this time).

  3. After our meeting we will head back to our office and begin designing your dream pool.

  4. After designing your pool in a 3D scaled rendering exact to your backyard requirements. We will then send you the Drawings, 3D images, and a detailed proposal via Email.

  5. Take your time! We want to insure that we captured your explanations and creativity into our designs. We will follow up and discuss any changes to the design. (This will continue as long as you please until our design is your vision.)(There is no limit to how many times we redesign your pool)

  6. After we have all came to a final design we schedule our contract signing date

  7. After receiving our initial down payment we can apply for permits! (All taken care of by Thompson Pools &Spas).

  8. Depending on the municipality that your home is located in, Permits can take 1-4 weeks to be approved. During this process we are ready to pick our colors and products.

  9. After receiving a final signed color selection sheet and permits it is time to begin construction!

  10. Sit back and relax! Our friendly supportive staff can answer any questions along the way. You can be as involved or excluded as you chose during the construction process.